Art and Politics

A lot of Art now has political motivations

the destruction of the environment

Me too

The inclusion of people of color (I am amused by this expression as we all have a color)

the refugee crisis


I am of the opinion that this type of Art will have a half life at best.

What happens when the crisis passes, or the politics change, This Art will have to stand as Art.

As much as Artists may wish to change the world using Art as the vehicle, Art history is unkind to such efforts.

Avant-garde Artists flocked to Russia during the revolution thinking Art could change society, They were rebuked during the purge.

American Artists produced socially relevant work during the great depression in what became the Ashcan school. Sadly that Art was consigned to the Ashcan.

I am of the old school opinion that Art is about Art and can not be otherwise.

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