Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Art fairs have become extremely popular. If you attend Art Basel or the Frieze Art Fair with the intention of buying Art you are likely a billionaire winging in on your private jet with your Art advisor in tow.

The Art world is elitist, and this is a speculative game only for the super rich.

The next rung down are the other Art Fairs like The Affordable Art Fair or the Other Art Fair.

Prices here are considerably less and sometimes the Art is even better, but the Artists do not have a blue chip reputation. Still you will still pay between say $2,000 to perhaps $5,000 or more for a work of Art.

The reason is you have to factor in the cost of presenting the work, transportation, travel expenses, booth costs (which are extremely high)

May I suggest another alternative if you would like to collect high quality Contemporary Art. Buy directly from the Artist himself.

In the spirit of shameless promotion I will recommend my own work which is original yet priced at little more than a worthless mass market print.

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