What exactly is a NFT?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a special type of cryptographic token which represents ownership of something unique, like a work of Art.

All my works are purchased as NFT's which means YOU are the owner of the original digital work. It is recorded on the blockchain. This is your title. It does not matter how many times it is reproduced on any medium you are still the owner.

It is similar to having title to a piece of property. You have the right to use or resell it etc.

Here is a example in terms of Art. There are millions of images and prints of a Vincent van Gogh painting, but it does not mean you own a original Vincent van Gogh painting should you buy a print of one. You do not have title to the original painting.

If you acquire a digital work of Art through buying it as a NFT you have title to the original work.

Title and provenance is important in the art world it is used as a guide to authenticity and quality. Should you wish to resell one of my works this is your proof of ownership.

In addition to owning the original digital object. You have the option of printing it as a physical object. My preferred medium is the Dye Sublimation process on ChromaLuxe aluminum. to ensure archival museum quality.

Please read below for a description of this process. I would be happy to assist you in having a print made anywhere in the world.

Buyer Beware not all NFT's are created equal

My true guarantee of Authenticity

Anyone can "mint" a NFT however if you choose to resell the NFT in the future how will the buyer know the digital work it represents is the genuine original?

Actually with most NFT's they don't. They will have to accept the owners word for it.

I can guarantee Authenticity because all my work will be PINNED to the blockchain. Not just the NFT token, but also the actual digital work it represents. This ensures the Artwork persists indefinitely.

In simple terms this means I submit the original to a pinning service I use Pinata

Think of them as a Authentication service. The work is examined literally down to the pixel

They then certify the work with a unique code called a (CID) that is embedded in the NFT token.

Should you resell the NFT the buyer can check the digital work that the NFT token represents by entering the (CID) in a PIN explorer

If even 1 pixel has been changed it will generate a different code than the one embedded n the NFT token

If it has the same code as the NFT it is genuine.

if this sound complicated don't worry in the NFT token there is a link where you can download the original work.

I recommend keeping this work not on your computer as it can crash, but on 1 or more inexpensive thumb drives.


If you have the work printed NEVER send the original, send a copy because the works DPI would change for printing purposes. This would change the original work associated with the NFT token.


What´s the difference between a regular inkjet print and a Cromaluxe HD metal print.? A lot!


Cromoluxe prints explode with vibrancy because of the extraordinary depth of color, affording Unmatched color brilliance.

A Cromaluxe print is first dye printed with archival dyes. Through Heat and pressure the dyes form a gas which are infused directly into the aluminum ground itself.


They are light, scratch resistant, easy to clean, impervious to atmospheric conditions. Archival quality of at least 100 years.


The cost to fabricate one of my works is between $200-300 US. depending on the size.


The prints have a high gloss finish.


All my works original files are created at 40 inch wide X 30 inch Height  or 40 inch wide X 40 inch Height as uncompressed PNG files. The images you are viewing on this site are small thumbnails suitable for viewing on the web.


The original files from which the prints are made are of much higher quality.